The Social Media Planner for 2020

For the busy life and business coach. This year, give yourself the gift of time. Go on, you deserve it!

Who is it for?

This is for the busy life and business coach who wants to spend less time focusing on planning content for her social media, and more time investing in her business, helping her clients, and focusing on what truly makes her shine.

What's included?

Broken down by month, you'll get ideas of what to post PLUS a list of researched hashtags so your content won't get lost in the mix! Each month also includes some bonus materials such as special holidays and national days, and even a social media tip each month to help you grow your business and save even more time.

How amazing would it feel to have another couple of hours to dedicate to yourself or your family this week?

How much more could you get done?

How much more ENERGY would you have?